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Cruel and inhuman punishment

Mixing high speed with low drivers on the Canadian National

Low-drivered 2-8-0 No. 2174 struggles to keep up with 4-6-0 No. 1389 on CN train 48 for Winnipeg.
Hal Lewis
In the 1950s, Canadian National, as a government-owned railroad, was forced to operate many money-losing passenger trains because these trains were the only available mode of transportation in the areas they served. Such was the case with trains 47 and 48, which ran twice a week between Winnipeg and Russell, Manitoba, 175 miles.

On a July day in 1959, train 48 was in the Portage la Prairie station taking water and doing head-end work. The four-car train was doubleheaded by    H-6-g Ten-Wheeler 1389 and M-3-e Consolidation 2174. No. 1389’s fireman told me the 2174 was going to Winnipeg for monthly maintenance. He warned me that if I wanted any pictures on the main line between Portage and Winnipeg, I’d better get going, because his engineer was a real ballast-scorcher. He said that they rarely made the flag stops on Thursdays, so they would be doing track speed—60 mph—most of the way.

I asked about the crew on the 2174, which, as a freight engine, had 57-inch drivers. “That engine’s a rough-riding kidney-buster, and they’re in for a rough ride,” noted the fireman with a smile.

I did manage to get a photo of the train out on the line at speed, between Gervais and Fortier. My notes say they were doing about 50 or 60 mph. Ten-Wheeler 1389, with its 63-inch drivers, was rolling significantly. Consol 2174 looked like a bucking horse, with the fireman holding on for dear life. This was cruel and inhuman punishment, railroad-style.        

First published in Fall 2002 Classic Trains magazine.


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