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Ride 'Em While You Can

Consists for trains on Dave Ingles’ April 1971 trips, as recounted in Summer 2011 Classic Trains

Eastern trip, April 20–26

PC No. 66, Chicago–Cincinnati, April 20
PC E7 4211 (ex-PRR), PRR B60 baggage car, PC coach 2926 (ex-PRR)

N&W No. 4, Pocahontas, Cincinnati–Roanoke, April 20–21
N&W GP9’s 508/501, 4 head-end cars, coach 532, dome coach 1610, sleeper Buchanan County; diner 493 added at Williamson, W.Va. (train left Roanoke with GP9’s 519/517, 2 storage mail cars instead of 4, same 4 passenger-carrying cars, N&W business car 101 added to rear)

N&W No. 18, Roanoke–Lynchburg–Monroe, Va., April 21
N&W GP9 516, SOU baggage car, 2 SOU 800-series coaches

SOU No. 18, Monroe–Washington, D.C., April 21
SOU FP7 6135, same 3 cars

PC No. 108, Metroliner, Washington–New York, April 22
4 M.U. cars, led by snack-bar coach 858

PC No. 63, New York (Grand Central)–Albany/Rensselaer, April 22–23
T-motor 4622, 3 NYC storage mail, NYC Sleepercoach, PC ex-NYC coach, CP sleepers Willow Grove and Balsam Grove, D&H coach, D&H baggage; no record of diesels Harmon–Albany

D&H No. 9, Montreal Limited, Albany/Rensselaer–Rouses Point, April 23
EL E8’s 829/821, D&H baggage, the 2 CP sleepers, D&H coach

D&H No. 34, Laurentian, Rouses Point–Albany/Rensselaer, April 23
D&H PA’s 16/17, D&H two-tone gray baggage 444, D&H blue-gray coach 1012 (ex-Erie), diner-lounge James Peak (ex-DRGW), D&H coach 1001 (EL colors), PC ex-NYC coach 3638

B&O No. 5, Capitol Limited, Washington–Cumberland, April 24
B&O E9 1454/E8 1448, REA box express, 3 coaches, B&O sleeper-lounge Dana, C&O 10&6 sleeper 2620 City of Charleston, C&O lunch-counter-diner-observation 1921

B&O No. 11-7 (Metropolitan and Shenandoah combined) into Cumberland: E8 1466 (ex-C&O), C&O baggage 266, C&O coach 1644, B&O coach 3574, then cars for B&O No. 7, which departed behind E8 1465 (ex-C&O) with food-bar dome coach 5551, private business car 92 Black Hawk.

B&O No. 11 Metropolitan, Cumberland–Cincinnati, April 25
B&O, E8 1466, C&O baggage 266, C&O coach 1644, B&O coach 3574

B&O No. 1, George Washington, Cincinnati–Carlyle, Ill., April 26
E8 1443, REA box express, C&O coaches 1642, 1628

Midwest-only trip, April 29–May 1

IC No. 11, Hawkeye, Chicago–Manchester, Iowa, April 29–30
E8 4033, baggage (ex-RPO), 4 coaches

IC No. 12, Hawkeye, Manchester–Chicago, April 30
E9 2037 (ex-FEC), baggage (ex-RPO), 3 coaches

IC No. 21, Governor’s Special, Chicago–Springfield, April 30
E6’s 4001/4003, combine 1850, food-bar-coach 3341 (ex-MP), 5 coaches

N&W No. 301, Wabash Cannon Ball, Decatur–St. Louis, April 30
GP9’s 511/521, baggage, diner-lounge 1050 (ex-WAB, coaches 1832 (ex-WAB, 1709 (ex-NKP)

GM&O No 6., Midnight Special, St. Louis–Chicago, April 30–May 1
E7’s 101A/103, 5 storage mail, 1 coach


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